Why Disinfectant Toilet Cleaners are better than Phenyl for cleaning your Toilet Commode?

Using a traditional phenyl to clean the toilet seat does not deliver satisfactory results. Even after regular use of phenyl, there are plenty of harmful germs, bacteria, and micro organisms that cause disease, infection and health complications in the family, leading to acute worries and sudden financial burden.

Phenyls are poisonous and contain harmful chemicals. Many studies have shown that long-term exposure to such chemicals leads to serious health consequences. As a safer and effective option in the form of disinfectant now available, it is wiser to try a strong and powerful disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs.

An ordinary cleaner like phenyl kills germs or physically removes them during the application, but it is not enough to destroy them to the maximum possible extent. The user gets a false sense of satisfaction that the cleaning process has done the eradication job while the truth is different. By not being able to destroy germs properly, the phenyl only deepens your worries and poses a burden on the pocket. Isn’t it better to get a powerful disinfectant instead of phenyl? Many would agree to the idea of preferring one that does it all.

A disinfectant is designed to kill bacteria and germs and viruses because of the special ingredients in it. Since the best is available, it makes perfect sense to try it out. Disinfectant wins. Apply and keep it like that for fifteen minutes to produce the desired results and then wash it. With bacteria killed, you know for sure that the health of your family is safer.

It is a known fact that phenyls give some disinfection but they do not clean adequately. Besides, it leaves behind a hospital-like smell. On the other hand, disinfectant spreads a whiff of freshness and lingering fragrance all around. As there are cleaning agents included in the disinfectant, there is no need to add any detergent to your mopping water. A good disinfectant is ten times stronger than phenyls.

Disinfecting takes care of more than just dirt, grease, or dust. Disinfecting eliminates bad germs that make people ill. When it comes to disinfecting a toilet bowl, spray or pour the disinfectant on the sides of the toilet bowl. Let the disinfectant rest so it can work effectively against germs, and then flush!

Some ideal characteristics of disinfectants used on environmental surfaces comprise rapid action in a broad antimicrobial spectrum, sustained efficacy in the presence of protein or blood, low toxicity, user safety, and material compatibility. Assessed on these parameters, it emerges that a disinfectant delivers better than a phenyl bottle.

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