Protect yourself from Germs, while you Travel.

Protect yourself from Germs, while you Travel.

Germs are unavoidable during travel. If you are not careful, you are likely to contract a disease that affects your health and work schedule. Nobody wants to suffer because of sudden infection and make the pleasurable experience of travel turn bitter. It is possible to stay protected with a little extra effort.

Washing the hands is the traditional solution to avoid disease-causing germs in Indian households. But it is not possible to get access to water everywhere. Even if water is available, it is not the ideal way to combat germs causing illnesses. In such situations, it is important to carry a hand sanitizer to fight germs before they mount an attack.

Before you pack up for your holiday trip or travel for a business purpose, make sure you have included a hand sanitizer to stay protected during your travel days. When people travel in a confined space on public transport, germs transfer easily, both through the air and frequently touched surfaces. To help protect yourself, wash your hands regularly with a hand sanitizer when you travel by air, train or in the car. A traveller should disinfect hands with sanitizer in case he suffers from cold or flu – to avoid contaminating other people around.

It is important to keep hands hygienically clean to reduce the risk of spreading germs. To wash hands properly, pay attention to the back of the hands, under the fingernails and between the fingers. All members of the family should use it for complete protection including children who touch many surfaces without being aware of contracting germs.

Studies reveal just 5 percent of people wash their hands the right way after using the bathroom. Using water is considered safe but the truth is you need hand sanitizer to do the definite job of killing germs that lurk everywhere – seats, door latches, handles, coffee pots, remote controls, light switches, forks, spoons et al. Therefore, it is effective to use a hand sanitizer.

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