How to degrease and remove stains from your Kitchen Tiles

Cooking splatters and grease make kitchen tiles look dull. But it is possible to turn them sparkling clean again. Give a fresh, new look. Begin with a scrub. Wash tiles again with a soapy cloth to remove surface waste and sticky marks. The rough side of a non-scratch pan cleaner can also be used for the cleaning act. It is important to clean up grotty grouting as the most sparkling tiles do not look their best otherwise. If kitchen grouting looks grubby or orangey in colour, then strong clean-up action is required.

An old toothbrush comes handy for this purpose though it is a slow and tedious job. But if it is done thoroughly and followed by a good rinse, dingy patches are removed. A regular wipe down should suffice in the future. In case bleach is not preferred, a whitening toothpaste also acts as a mild abrasive. Give tiles a thorough rinse and wash down. See how clean it looks.

If the clean up does not achieve satisfactory results, then it is time to introduce a powerful tiles cleaner – a specialist product that comes down heavily on grease and grime. The kitchen tiles cleaner not only cleans but also disinfects. Besides, it polishes to make tiles sparkling bright. Apply with a damp sponge or cloth, rub lightly and wipe the surface dry. Then polish with a soft cloth for an effulgent shine. It can be left on for some minutes to act tough on stubborn stains before you rinse.

It is a reality that cooking leaves a lot of mess all around. During frying, grease splatters and gradually it builds up and leaves a residue over multiple kitchen surfaces. The longer these splatters and stain sit on the tiles and walls, the harder they become to get off later. A regular clean-up plan is ideal if you want to ensure the surfaces remain clean and germ-free. This depends on how often you cook and create greasy messes.

The basic process begins with softening grease and grime using warm water. Then clean with a sponge soaked in warm, soapy water and ultimately dry it with a dishtowel to avoid any leftover residue that would attract dirt and grime. Whatever be the surface, kitchen tiles cleaner proves effective everywhere.

However, do a test using gentle scrubbing motions to remove grease and see how it works. Tiles look impervious to harm. But there is no wisdom in taking chances. Test your stain removal technique on a spot of tile before cleaning. See the impact on specific stains such as blood, coffee, tea, juice, gum, fast base stains, ink, and iodine. A strong tiles cleaner works magic to get rid of all that needs to be erased.

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