Cleaning a Surface is not enough to protect your kids from Germs

Kids need extra protection from germs and bacteria of all kinds. Since they remain physically active all day long and keep moving from one place to another inside the house and around it, they come in contact with more germs across multiple surfaces. Hiding behind the door with the face brushing against it, lying on the floor with arms and legs spread wide…There are so many such instances when they are likely to get infected. It is wise to abandon the notion that the surface is clean if it looks clean. In reality, it is far from the truth. Cleaning a surface just removes the dirt. Apply a Disinfectant Surface Cleaner to kill germs and live healthily.

You can clean any surface several times a day but you cannot remain sure that germs have disappeared from the surface. Household areas need to be sanitized to kill germs. Surfaces in bathrooms, counters, toys, dishes, table tops, and floors should be sanitized with a good disinfectant.

In the fierce battle between you and household germs, you are likely to think that germs have the winning edge. They have the power to be present everywhere and you cannot wage a competitive fight. When it comes to launching hand-to-hand combat, you are either in a tearing hurry or simply tired or probably there are better activities to pursue. But keeping household germs at bay is an onerous task accomplished with ease when you have a good disinfectant surface cleaner to make use of and keep cold, flu and other seasonal illnesses from affecting your family, particularly kids. Put up a brave, smart fight against germs and score a massive win. Strike with precision on places where they lurk the most and annihilate them.

Where the Germs Are
As a matter of fact, any portion of your home with surfaces that get frequently touched is where the germs reside the most. Maybe, not all germs are harmful. But the stronghold areas become the preferred place for disease-causing viruses or bacteria to hide. Kitchen sink tops the list – with more bacteria than what is found in the toilet. Toothbrush holders near the toilet come next. People focus on cleaning the toilet but ignore other germ hotspots.

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